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M/F Teistin the evening before she was launched, with a foil module from Wavefoil installed. Photo: Wavefoil.
From the left: Eirik Bøckmann(former CEO), Erlend N. Vasteveit (CTO), and Audun Yrke (former CIO) in front of M/F Teistin at MEST Shipyard in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Photo: Polar Films/Wavefoil.
From the left: Audun Yrke (former CIO), Eirik Bøckmann (former CEO), and Erlend N. Vastveit (CTO) with M/F Teistin in the background. Photo: Polar Films/Wavefoil.
Wavefoils' former CEO, Eirik Bøckmann with M/S Teistin. Photo: Wavefoil.
Wavefoils' former CIO, Audun Yrke (Left) and CTO, Erlend N. Vastveit (right) underneath M/F Teistins' new bow foils. Photo: Wavefoil.
M/F Teistin operating normally agian after the installation of our bow foils. Photo: Wavefoil.
Close-up view of the bow foils as M/S Teistin departs Skopun. Photo: Wavefoil.
Wavefoils deployed in dock on M/S Teistin. Photo: Wavefoil.
Wavefoils retracted in dock on M/S Teistin. Photo: Wavefoil.